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Doug N. Eaton


Doug Eaton

Doug made his first guitar in 1970, when dissatisfaction with various commercial guitars prompted a colleague to suggest he make one. His association with making and repairing instruments has been continuous since then.

Doug also explored the possibility of flute-making when he received an Australia Council Grant in 1975 to spend a week in Melbourne under the direction of Australian recorder maker, the late Fred Morgan. This led to his making baroque and renaissance flutes which he continued until 1985.

From then on he diversified into other plucked string instruments, e.g. mandolin, bows for baroque and renaissance music, dulcimers etc.

Doug co-ordinated the Instrument Building Centre at Lota, Brisbane with the lateGeoffrey Wills from 1973 to 1995. The centre was set up as a community service, non-profit organisation which attracted Australia Council funding. Doug continued building and repairing instruments through this period.

In 1989 he attended a course in violin making with Ian Clarke and a bow making course with Lenox Holt, and in 1996, attended a course in harp making with Andy Rigby.

Doug has been President of the Australian Association of Musical Instrument Makers, Qld. Branch since June 1995, and national president since 1999.

Doug is a full-time Luthier and repairer of stringed acoustic instruments and lives with his partner Dale Jacobsen in the Queensland township of Maleny. Doug and Dale were the project managers of the Sound Builders Exposition of the Queensland Biennial Festival of Music in 2001 and 2003. 

Doug trades as Doug Eaton Lutherie. He previously traded as Stanley River Music.

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