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12 String Guitar 

You are listening to the late Craig Wrigley playing on his 12 string

Scale - 640mm, 12 fret neck,
Features new tailpiece & bridge system

  • Featuring a new bridge design which eliminates two kinds of tension normally associated with soundboard distortion

  • Pin style bridges exert a twisting tension on the bridge which can force the soundboard down in front of the bridge and cause a hump behind the bridge

  • High, free standing bridges with tailpiece cause direct downward pressure on the soundboard. On my instrument, the overall bridge height on this guitar is kept fairly low and firm contact is maintained between strings and saddle

  • This allows for a lightly built soundboard that generates immediate response. This means that the instrument can be maintained at concert pitch throughout its life

  • I also use this bridge design on my Bouzoukis
  • Includes hardshell case


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