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La nuova barocca #1 by Fabrizio Reginato

Occasionally, something very special comes into the workshop for attention.

This week, I had the honour of working on La nuova barocca #1, the last guitar made by Italian luthier Fabrizio Reginato in 2003 for his son, Andre Reginato (from Brisbane).

I knew “Reggie” many years ago, before he returned to his hometown of Fonte Alto in 1969. He trained my mentor, Geoffrey Wills, and was a frequent visitor to the Wills’ backyard. I like to think that some of his skills passed through to me.

This exquisite instrument, made in the style of Baroque guitars, has the most intricately carved bridge I have ever seen and a beautifully inlayed fingerboard and headstock. Unusually, Reggie included sympathetic strings inside the body cavity.

If anyone out there has had contact with Fabrizio Reginato, or owns any of his instruments, please let me know, as I am researching his working life for a paper I hope to write.






I am happy to assess any instruments requiring repair or restoration and quote on this work. Philosophically, I don’t believe in making old instruments look brand new again. I think it’s better to retain the provenance, which tells the story of its life
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